Food Innovation of the future


We believe in making nutritious protein-rich food tasty, healthy and accessible to everyone.


We have created a breakthrough innovative protein-rich food base 

that offers an accessible and sustainable alternative to the increasingly health conscious consumer.


Targeted at a wide range of categories and consumer markets, it opens a world of opportunities.


It is a well known fact that nutritious food are protein rich. Unfortunately most proteins in developed countries come from meat which tends to be costly to produce and has limited sustainability due to poor ecological footprint


Whilst consumers may be seeking more healthy food in general, when it comes to snacks and convenience food, more people want indulgent treats than something good for them. 


ProteiFood innovation addresses this  duality by making protein-rich food easy to produce  and by making indulgence permissible: a 100% natural, protein-based food that offers a healthy and nutritious alternative to the increasingly health conscious consumer.


Why ProteiFood?

Protein-rich food supplier

protein snack supplier


We make indulgence permissible: delicious everyday protein-based nutrition

We make protein-rich food easy to produce: light & quick manufacturing process


ProtieFood food base innovation comes in the form of a dry expanded products that is:


  • 100% entirely natural

  • Gluten free

  • Acrylamide free

  • Crunchy & light

  • Suited to savory smacks: chips, crackers, croutons

  • And confectionery: flakes, protein bars,  treats

  • Also available  in low fat formula


Protein-rich ProteiFood food base nutrition facts
Typical nutrition facts :

DGA (guidelines daily amount)

Nil (negligible, less than 0.1g)



ProteiFood innovation offers a very tasty, nutritious and accessible protein-rich food base targeted at a wide range of categories and consumer markets.


The product stays crunchy for an extended period of time as a flake, biscuit, bar or chip. It can be flavored, shaped and adjusted to suit sweet and savoury tastes and comes in various textures, shapes and sizes.


Nutritionally it provides much more protein, calcium and phosphorus than any other food product on the market.