We believe ProteiFood breakthrough innovation has a real potential to change the world nutritional landscape and build true social value for all: It can bring disruptive healthy snacking innovation to the developed world and  can help alleviate hunger in less privileged areas. 


We trust our new patented technology should outperform other current food production technologies and  provide a decisive economic advantage over existing equivalent products currently on the market.


In addition, our products offer unique nutritional benefits and far superior to those currently on the market and can address any health conscious consumer worldwide. 


We are currently selling profitable licenses from our existing portfolio of patented innovation. We seek investments and partners to build a research & development open innovation outfit, with a view to further develop our portfolio of patented innovations. We believe this is the shortest route to social value for all.


If you share some of our convictions, please do get in touch to discuss further: investor@proteifood.com


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ProteiFood innovation is the outcome of over 5 years research effort, led by Pierre Olivier (Founder & Inventor), supported by world protein expert Jean-Jacques Snappe (R&D, Ingredia) and various studies steered by Professor Christophe Blecker (Gembloux Agro Bio Tech).

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